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We all read comic books full of adventure and thrill in our childhood, where we had built an imaginary portrait of ourselves playing same thrilling and adventuresome role as the young Jim Hawkins, in the Treasure Island by Robert Stevenson, takes as a cabin boy, who finds a map on a dead man chest and starts his journey towards hunting the pirate gold.

You might want to be like the kids in the Spy kids 2: Island of lost dreams, where they save the world by searching for a transmooker device and protect it from falling into wrong hands. Or you might dream yourself as a leading role to start a journey in the search for an antidote to save the poisoned princess.

You might dream yourself as Jesse Eisenberg, in Now You See Me, mysteriously and trickily pulling off a bank without even letting someone know. These fictions might casted a lasting effect on your memory throughout the childhood.

But, with the passage of time and age, our adventure converts from becomingfiction character of some treasure hunter to a job hunter. Then, we indulge in our practical life so much that most of us admit that these adventures can only be experienced in our imaginations and start to live a boring and dull life of a person who don’t even step out of the house for morning walk. We surround ourselves with stress so much that we start to receive diseases as guests.

You may have heard the wise-saying: “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” and it is quietlyfit in all the fields. Well, it is the law of nature and you are quietly familiar with it that everything thatstays at rest or motion for a long time gets worn and sometimes become useless. Same is applicable on our mind and body, But, things that move with a flow always get better and better with the passage of time.

So, now that you have been reminded with all your childish imaginary adventures, the question is how can you fulfill them? Don’t worry, because The Doorz Escape Game in Morocco has introduced us with Escape Rooms that will fulfill all your above-mentioned needs. From hunting the treasure of a Sultan to robbing an invaluable object from the safe of OYA Bank of Morocco, you can experience the unique adventure and thrillby solving these quests.

What are Escape Rooms?

Escape Rooms are themed gaming experiences that encourage you to work as a team solving puzzles and finding clues to complete an objective in the room before the time runs out.
There are four games with each game having an escape room designed to provide its participant some real sort of thrill, adventure and stimulation. The scenarios of the four games are discussed below:

1. The Templar’s Secret:

The game is based on a story of a well-protected device called cryptal, designed to provide the Earth boundless energy for centuries. A mad professor found a way to shut the device off. If the device is not turned on in 60 minutes, the earth will be destroyed.

2. The Moroccan Job:

In this game, we plan to rob the OYA bank of Morocco when we come to know from some source that there is an invaluable piece of object in one of its safes. Somehow, we manage to hack the surveillance system of the bank and block the camera for 60 minutes. Rob the bank within 60 minutes else ready to eat fresh air of Morocco Jail!

3. Save Sherazade:

The above-mentioned game is about a Sherazade (Wife of Sultan), who is found lying on the ground without any motion. Soon, you have come to know that the Sherazade is being poisoned and will be dead if she does not receive the antidote in the next 60 minutes. Find the antidote; else be responsible for the death of Sherazade.

4. The Pirates Treasure:

We arrive with our final game, Treasure hunt. You are informed by an ancient legend that one of the Sultan’s ships was attacked by the perilous pirate “Mourad El Rais” near the coast of Salé.
After several centuries, the wreck of the pirate ship was discovered on a mysterious island. You have 60 minute for finding the legendary treasure. After 60 minutes, the national navy will reach the island!

The players will be welcomed in an escape room, where they will find a number of objects as clues to solve the quest. You will be provided only 60 minutes for each puzzle. Every quest has its participant range from 1 to 6. Except the Moroccan Job, this quest requires 3 contestants compulsorily.

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Besides these, for office colleagues who want spend their timeoutside the walls of their office, the Doorz Escape Game offers a cozy place next to a beach and a coffee room where you can organize a team building, a promotional event or a corporate event.
Office clients will have to work together in order to accomplish the quest, which is a great opportunity for them in learning team and time management and also a great experience full of fun and adrenaline.

As the old-adage: “We are always learning”.The moment when you enter one of the four escape rooms, your senses start to pique. Your adrenaline arouses and you feel a sudden urge to survive within the provided environment. Your mind automatically set some strategy that may be helpful to accomplish the particular task within time.
Taking you into a 3d puzzle world, our escape games bring your all sensory motors to work together, thus, providing a greater coordination of mind and body and spatial awareness to our players.

Man is a social animal. And to survive in this world, we have to interact to other human beings. When experiencing some sort of problems, we always try to communicate with other people and they give us different advices they had experienced. As we have totally submerged in the digital world, the physical act of talking has reduced to a considerable range. On the other hand, the DoorZ Live Escape Game revitalizes the inner urge to communicate with other people to exchange advices and experiences of one another in the need of hours.
As we know that with the passage of time, our memory gets older, if we don’t use it. Use it or lose it. Fortunately, we provide you with such challenges and puzzles, whichmay require your previous experience, to be solved. In that time, our mind starts to recall the situations and the solutions, which are similar to the problems of quests. Someparts of these escape games; require your energy into retaining information and recalling it later. This practice is quite useful as it can massively enhance your memory and the power of retaining complex information.
You may also obtain a great level of happiness and satisfaction when you found yourself to solve the quiz by the information you have just retained.
At last, these games provide a great opportunity for their players to know their inner power. Sitting down for a long time while thinking about nothing but your work, causes your mind to underestimateyour capacity of facing particular challenges in your daily life.

Why The DoorZ Live Escape Game?

• We provide our customers with a great opportunity of learning communication, cooperation, complementarity and mutual understanding within a team.
• Age is just a number. Keeping this point in mind, we have designed these games in such a way that everyone gets awesome adventure and a dose of adrenaline, irrespective of his age, fitness and functions.
• We provide our customers with the possibility of organizing games independently or as part of a program of a steering committee seminar, training or framework agreement.
• Keeping in view everyone’s need, The Doorz Live Escape Game provides its customers with the best rates, environment and satisfaction ratio than any other team building organizations.
• The DoorZ Live Escape Game has a maximum capacity of 30 people at the same time divided into 5 teams. However, it is also possible to organize events with more people.
• Our staff is very friendly, kind and informative.

The Vouchers:

If you have visited the DoorZ Live Escape Game and want someone to experience the same adventure and thrill as you have experienced, you can gift them a voucher, so that they can also experience never-forgettable moments, full of fun and adrenaline.


Our prices are simple and fixed so that our customers will have no issue during pay-session. For individual, rates will be about 180 Dirhams equal to 20 US dollars. For students and Families, each person will cost around 150 Dirhams or 17 US dollars.
Note that this discount is not applicable for evening and during weekends.

For reservation, go to The Moroccan job Or The Pirates Treasure , The Templar’s Secret , Save Sherazade ; choose the arrival date, challenge that you wish to play and a time slot which is available. Or you can contact us at
Call us: 06 04 49 07 70
Meet us at: Anfaplace Shopping Center, Casablanca, Morocco.
Note that kids under age of 15, are strictly not permitted to participate in a game without the presence of an adult.

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