Things to Do in Casablanca

Casablanca happens to be a city with enormous difference, full of great histories, stories, and wonderful architecture. A place that tourists bypass regularly but have many things to offer when you try to understand Morocco. You can start exploring from the second world largest mosque, the magnificent Hassan II mosque, etc. Meander all along the Cornishe and view the ocean, discover the city above the tramway, or enjoy the splendor of stained glass at the Notre Dame de Lourdes Cathedral.

You can use this as a guide to know the interesting things to do in Casablanca, Morocco.

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1. Ain Diab

Ain Diab is seen as a place in Casablanca where the wealthy come to swim. An extravagance seaside society only a few distance away from downtown Casablanca. Ain Diab is certainly a fun spot where you can spend your weekend or a short-holiday among its many modern and traditional hotels. This wide sandy beach accommodates a large number of people during summer season; however the water is too icy to swim during the remaining part of the year.

Activities that are performed during daytime are limited to splashing in the water and relaxing in the sun. The main event starts at nightfall, when all discos and local clubs come alive. Have it in mind that only a few offer alcohols. Ain Diab received its 15 minutes of global recognition in 1958 when it launched a segment of the Formula One world competition.

2. Casablanca Tramway

The Casablanca Tramway happens to be a comfortable means of going about the city in air-conditioned luxury. It started to operate in 2014 and it has 48 stops, or stations. It links Sidi Moumen on the east area with Ain Diab and the university district.

They’re preparing to set up more stations, but till then, try to get a map for each station, and just as the locals, relax and watch as the city passes by. Trams are low, simple to get off and on, with air conditioning and tinted windows – these makes it very comfortable. They’re normally connected together to get to a complete height of 213 feet. Trams tickets are inexpensive, so make inquiries from your hotel about where to purchase them, and also where the nearest trams station to you can be found.

3. Casablanca Twin Center

The perfect spot to have a great view of the whole city is an eatery located at the 27th floor of the Casablanca Twin Center or better still La Grande Casa just as the locals affectionately call it. They’re rightly proud of the high twin towers reaching 377 ft located in the centre of the city, within the Maarif area, on the side Zerktouni Boulevard and Al Massira Al Khadra Boulevard.

Each tower has 28 floors and they are connected on the ground level where many shopping centers attract countless numbers of people. The 5-star Twin Tower Hotel is located in the Eastern Tower and the Western Tower is divided by several offices.

4. Cathedral Sacre-Coeur

The Cathedral Sacre-Coeur happens to be an architectural work of art created by a French architect Paul Tournon in 1930 using a Neo-Gothic method with the Moroccan Muslim and Art Decoration influences. Its two front towers look like minarets and the upper small windows of the cathedral resemble those seen in a mosque.

The cathedral participated greatly in Casablanca during the regime of the French Catholics until Morocco was granted their independence in 1956, for the time when it was ignored. For some time, it was used as a center for cultural and educational purposes. Currently fairs and exhibitions are being launched there. The scenery looking from the tower is spectacularly awesome.

5. Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco

Following the Qur’an, the throne of God was found created over the water. This reference from the Qur’an made the king Hassan II to order that the mosque must be built on the coast of the sea, where it erected today battered by waves, wonderful and outstanding. Constructed in 1993 and fashioned by the French architect Michel Pinseau, reaching 689 feet high, Hassan II mosque happens to be the world’s second largest mosque.

It can endure earthquakes and contain 25,000 individuals inside and 80,000 individuals in the courtyard. The floor of the mosque is made of transparent glass so that worshippers can view the sea, you can see the stars from its roof because it can be opened, it has electrical doors and the floor is warmed up. It is among the few mosques where individuals of all class are permited to come in and savor its magnificence.

6. Kings Palace

Stating the words of those who have witnessed it, the King’s palace in Casablanca happens to be an Islamic architectural work of art, surrounded by ornate water feature and sweet-smelling orange groves. Situated in the New Medina quarter, there’s a high wall around the palace, secured by heavily equipped guards, perhaps if you’re lucky, you may catch a glimpse of what the inside look like whenever they open the gates for someone to go in or come out.

Certainly lavish and royal, the King’s Palace hosts several important gatherings and occasions, and it serves as the home of the entire family of the Moroccan King while in Casablanca.

7. La Corniche

La Corniche happens to be Casablanca’s neighboring beach, reaching for a couple f miles throughout the ocean, seen at the west side of the Hassan II Mosque. Its center is Corniche Boulevard, appearing really Mediterranean with splendid palm trees with the beach at one corner and a line of cafés, stores, bars, eateries and amusement spots seen at the other corner.

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More attractive hotels can be found on the Boulevard de l’Ocea Atlantique which is further down the coast. La Corniche happens to be good place to meander along and view the sea hammering the sand, have a nice jog or rather sit among the many cafés outside and see the city pass by.

8. Magic Lamp Tours

Magic Lamp Tours happens to be a tour organization administered by a set of Berber tourism experts, who wish to introduce the unrecognized parts of Morocco to their customers.

They provide series of tours, from the wide Moroccan desert to royal palaces. While the tours go for a period of 10 days, they also offer 24 hours excursions to the places close to Casablanca, from stopovers to the little fishing town of Essaouira, to Ourika Valley, including rivers nearby the mountains. You get to hear and learn great stories, cultures, history, and tales concerning the places that you visit throughout the tours. You’ll explore by bus, car, plane, horse, or camel – be sure of gathering unforgettable memories.

9. Marche Central, Morocco, Casablanca

Exactly in the center of Casablanca is the city’s major market, Marche Central. This busy central market is beautiful, loud, and large; a dream spot of every photographer. It is a nice area to encounter the local culture as locals visits the market to purchase food produce, shoes, carpets and jewelries, and to negotiate, create deals, eat or perhaps hang around.

Tourists are regularly trying out some local delicacies or seeking for good deals since it is a market place. You can see what is planted in the area as well and what swims inside the ocean; it’s all displayed in your front with several colors, textures and scents.

11. New Medina

Constructed by the French in 1923 who were at that period ruling Morocco. The new town or better still ‘new medina’ is an active Casablanca market located in an area called Habous, in the southeastern area of Casablanca, just about 4 miles away from the city center.

Being the center of the city, a normal gathering site in a traditional perspective, New Medina happens to be a live museum, an attractive spot for everything that’s occurring in the city, full of markets, arcades, narrow alleys, artisanal stores and shops that sell souvenirs. It’s a dream place for tourists who regularly seek good deals. Among the most fascinating structures in New Medina happens to be the Mahakma du Pacha, the past Casablanca law court.

12. Notre Dame de Lourdes Cathedral

Norte Dame de Lourdes Cathedral isn’t much of an old church and not very attractive, it was constructed in 1956. Advanced and built with concrete, it supports about 20,000 Casablanca Catholics with their needs. While commanding, with plain European, advance architectural influence, the church is quite an out of place area surrounded by small traditional homes.

It is really attractive on the inside. Its large, spacious interior provides a sense of calmness, and the whole area is bright, thanks to the rays of light seeping through huge stained glass windows covering the 2 side walls. The glass windows has a vivid blue and red background, and the ground covering is done with the best Moroccan carpets, as pictures if the Virgin Mary is seen hanging in different areas.

13. Sahara Gate Tours

In case you’re seeking the well-known Sahara Erg Chebbi sandbank, Ait Bendaddou, Ouzoud waterfalls, or instead you want to try a Berber cultural tour, Sahara Gate Tours is just the perfect place for you. For personal day tours from any recognized city in Morocco to planned trips and tours throughout Morocco, they will ensure your trip is safe, interesting and memorable. They also have camel rides included in all of their desert trips.

They have tours for all prices, from shared trips to lavish private tours. Visit their website for their already existing tours and if you can’t find the tour you want, contact them and they’ll make a plan for you. All customers are picked at their airport, hotel or train station, as the case may be.

14. The old Medina

Before the French surmount Casablanca in 1907, the whole city was jam-packed inside this small area, guarded by resistance walls and ruled by the Portuguese Borj Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah. The advanced Casablanca has developed in all ramifications, allowing the walled historic part concealed in the city activities with its 18th century fort, sprawling markets and decrepit structures.

Meandering through the Old Medina is similar to taking oneself back into the years, where buyers are looking through heaps of goods in the stores haggling for deals, or relaxing with a cup of coffee in front of the store and watch the city go by.

15. Villa des Arts

Villa des Arts is situated near the Parc de la Ligue Arabe, it is an attractive converted Art Deco home from 1930’s that has a gallery recognized for its exhibitions of advanced Moroccan and global art. The gallery happens to be part of the ONA foundation that supports originality and culture in Morocco. The aim and objective of the Foundation is to advertize modern arts while remaining loyal to Moroccan culture and heritage.

The gallery’s everlasting collection involves over 800 artworks. Art displays prepared by the gallery showcases artworks of such eminent and notable artists like Jilali Gharbaoui and Ahmed Chekaoui. There’s an attractive formal garden all through the villa.

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